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2015 Club Soccer Results - AMAZING!

What an amazing year for our RYSC soccer club. Out of 18 teams, we had 7 league champions, and 5 second places! Here is a run-down of the soccer club's successes this year:

RYSC 06 Chelsea U9 Boys Victor Romero
  • League Champion - Bronze Division
  • Bay Area Fall Cup - Champions - Silver Division
  • Distrct 2 Fall Cup - Champions - Silver/Bronze Division
  • CalNorth Jr. State Cup - 2nd place - Gold/Premier division
RYSC 05 Pumas U10 Boys Jose Rafael Angel
  • League 2nd Place - Bronze Division
  • Distrct 2 Fall Cup - Champions - Bronze/Silver Division
  • San Jose Super Classico - Champions - Copper/Bronze Division
  • Palo Alto Tall Trees - 2nd place
RYSC 05 Real Madrid U10 Boys Antonio Martinez
  • League Champion - Copper Division
  • Palo Alto Tall Trees - 4th place
  • D2 Spring Cup - 2nd place - Copper Division
RYSC 05 Earthquakes U10 Boys Fernando Barragan
  • League Champion - Bronze Division
RYSC 05 Sapphires U10 Girls Jose Maldonado
  • League Champion - Copper Division
RYSC Breeze 04 Tormenta U11 Girls Jose Maldonado
  • League 2nd Place - Bronze Division
  • San Jose Super Classico - Champions
RYSC 03 Monarcas U12 Boys Anselmo Maldonado
  • League Champion - Bronze Division
  • Bay Area Fall Cup - 3rd place
  • Sunnyvale Medina Fall Classic - Champions
  • Soccer By The Bay - 2nd place
RYSC 02 Atlas U13 Boys Hugo Murillo
  • League Champions - Silver Elite Division
  • Juventus Tournament of Champions - Champions - Silver Division
RYSC 99 California Strikers U16 Girls Javier Leon
  • League 2nd Place - Bronze Division
  • Bay Area Fall Cup - 4th Place - Silver Division
  • Copa Barcelona - 3rd Place - Silver Division
RYSC 00 La Raza U14 Boys Hugo Valladares
  • League 2nd Place - Silver Division
RYSC United U15 Boys Sammy Khatri
  • District 2 Fall Cup - 3rd place - Bronze/Copper
RYSC 00 Barcelona U15 Boys Andres Brambila
  • League 3rd place Silver Elite
  • Thanksgiving Las Vegas Classic - Semifinalist
  • District 2 Fall Cup - 2nd place - Gold/Silver division
  • Juventus Tournament of Champions - Champions - Gold Division
  • District 2 Spring Cup - 2nd place - Gold/Silver Division
RYSC 00 Inter U15 Boys Jose A Palomares
  • Bay Area Fall Cup - Champions - Bronze Division
RYSC 00 Manchester United U15 Boys Fernando Barragan
  • League Champion - Gold Division
  • Fullerton Ranger Classic - Champions
  • D2 Fall Cup - 4th place - Gold/Silver division
  • Soccer By The Bay - 3rd place
RYSC 00 Fuego U15 Girls Pedro Correa
  • Soccer By The Bay - Champions
  • San Jose Super Classico - Champions
RYSC 98 Santos U18 Boys Moises Acuna-Martinez
  • League 2nd place - Silver Division

Club Soccer

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